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The brand 4EVER was first launched on the bicycle market ten years ago. We are one of only a few companies who, from the beginning, have preferred our own assembly to the purchase of completed bicycles from Asia. The reason for this is mainly the level of control, not only over the choice of merchandise but also control over our own production processes. From the very beginning we have tried to invest in quality technology and we have been looking for reliable trading partners. Currently we offer a wide range of quality bicycles and every prospective customer can choose a bicycle according to their individual requirements.

We use only material of the highest quality for the production of bicycle frames. Every frame is tested and carries a certificate which meets the required norm. For carbon frames we make use of the most modern technology Carbon High Modulus. For duralumin frames we use special technology ‘SWT’ without a trace left by the typical welding pass. We place a lot of emphasis on the quality of assembly. Production methods based on a support stand system or ‘pedestal’ guaranties that a stringent regime is upheld during assembly.

We provide a 36 month warranty on the bicycle as a whole, not just on the frame only.

History of the make

The written history of the company 4EVER BIKES began in 1991. At that time Petr Brož was the only current co-owner working for the sales department for the company Koh-i-noor in Bilovec (currently the company Massag) which dealt with the production of bicycle components such as metal brake levers, brake and gear cables among other things. Then Hynek Dvořáček, a former Czech cycling representative, turned up at the company and an auspicious meeting took place which laid the foundation for the current production of bicycles in Studénka.

The forerunner of today’s 4EVER was the company Cyklo Plus which was founded by Petr Brož and Hynek Dvořáček and where pedal clips were produced- today a nearly non-existent product. The system was very simple. During the week, after work and on weekends, the clips were cut and mounted, then packaged and sold from a cellar. At the beginning of the company’s development, the contacts through Hynek Dvořáček proved to be very helpful because former racers were the ones who started trading in bicycles and components after the Czech ‘Velvet Revolution’ in 1989. After forming a sales network, the activities of Cyklo Plus were expanded to include the production of all bicycle merchandise throughout the entire Czech Republic. So regularly, at least once a week, the old Dacia station wagon and trailer set out on a round trip from Ostrava to Velamosu Loučna for rear-wheel cassettes, to the Marek screw-mill for wire, cogs and shanks, to ČZ Strakonice for chains, to Esky Cheb for the sale of excess stock, to Liberty Mělník for parts, to Rubeny Náchod for tyres and tubes, to Velamosu Skuteč for hubs and to Favorit Rokycany for whatever else required and so on and so on… The whole trip totaled 800km and included 15 stops. Everything was purchased in small quantities due to the growing company’s financial limitations, quickly turned into sales and then…back on the road!

Another important meeting also played a vital role in the history of the company and that occurred in 1992 with Mr. Jan Wolf from Opava who had worked in bicycle assembly in Germany at the company Augusta. At that time, Augusta was ranked among the top bicycle companies in Germany and represented and sold mainly Wheeler bicycles. Petr Brož assisted during the establishment of the company Augusta ČR in 1993 and Mr. Wolf was the first who later began assembling bicycles for 4EVER externally. The idea to focus on top of the range bicycles, assembled using precise methods of production for a segment of the German market also came out of this original meeting.

Since then, as will become evident later, the wholesale of bicycle components has been decreasing and efforts have been concentrated towards the assembly of specifically mid-range and top class bicycles. In the 12 years since the very beginning in 1997 when 8 models of bike were produced, the company has gone from strength to strength. Now, in 2009, a total of 60,000 bikes are produced in Studénka per year made up of a total of 350 various models consisting of 9 different brands and the daily capacity in peak season is 500 bikes. The original team of 6 employees has grown to a total of 60 and the company has had to move locations 3 times, due to the fact the company has outgrown its surroundings.

Perhaps the only thing that has not changed in the company’s history is the original idea of concentrating on the quality production of top-of-the-range bicycles. 4EVER is one of only a few bicycle manufacturers in the world continuing with ‘pedestal’ assembly. There is only one reason for this- ease of quality control. Every bicycle and every frame is original or slightly different. If you want to assemble every bike with the highest quality, you cannot allow your employees only a few seconds in which to complete every operation. With some frames it is necessary to prolong the assembly a while longer to fine tune some component a little as necessary. There is no time for this on a production line and even if the employee has the possibility to remove the bicycle from the production line, in most cases this does not occur. Production line assembly often means just ‘hanging’ the components on the bike and letting the people in the shop deal with it later. Bike assembly in our opinion means that the seller spends as little time as possible before the sale, especially when time is so dear in peak season. Almost half of production is focused on the European market, mostly Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Poland and Greece. Now only a small part of production is made up of our own brand 4EVER which are also supplied to Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania. The brand 4EVER is focused on the long-term goal of selling quality bicycles and in 2009 entered the category of ‘TOP’ bikes with our Exclusive collection. The complete carbon frame which is both strong and light together with the simple excellence of the suspension system, which has had a favorable response from both professional and amateur bike enthusiasts, verifies that 4EVER is heading in the right direction and we are on target.

During the production and development of frames, the 4EVER team has worked with the best factories and specialists in both Asia and Europe. We are able to offer the development of our own unique frame constructions keeping pace with the latest trends including precise testing with hydraulic machines. As an assembly plant, 4EVER has more than ten years sound experience. Since 2003, we have presented our products at the biggest world bicycle exhibition Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany. As well as quality assembly, we value serious long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Our goal is, and always will be, customer satisfaction and to ensure that our clients will continuously use 4EVER because they appreciate our quality, reliability and range of top components. We are willing to approach, respond and advise our clients in each and every one of their individual needs as well as give expert advice if and when required.

Your 4EVER Team



4EVER, as one of very few companies, uses work stands for manufacturing bicycles. A large majority of competing manufacturers assembles bikes on assembly lines. The reason why we use work stands is mainly because they allow a significantly higher quality of the assembly and setting of the whole bike. Each part is treated with special care and attention and every bicycle is adjusted and set for immediate use by the end customer before it is packed into a transport carton. The disadvantage of this technology is a significantly lower manufacturing capacity. That is why 4EVER focuses solely on manufacturing of upper and mid range bicycles.


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